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The Military Technical Institute of Ground Forces provides research, development, innovation and production of functional designs, prototypes, single-piece and small-lot production and testing in the following fields:

  • combat, transport and special ground tracked and wheeled vehicles and their carriers, selected special bodies;
  • workshop, evacuation and recovery equipment;
  • engineer equipment and material;
  • field electric power sources, distribution and lighting sets;
  • mobile equipment and workplaces of medical services and specialized forces;
  • equipment for collective NBC protection into mobile workplaces;
  • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • civil (dual) applications.


  • support of militarization process and technical assistance for military technology and material      users;
  • own research and science activities;
  • creation of documents in development (modernization, reconstruction) processes;
  • complex development, modernization, reconstruction, production (piece and small-lot production) of military and civil technology and its service;
  • testing in the scope of accreditation of the Czech Institute for Accreditation (accredited testing laboratory No. 1103) or without the scope of accreditation;
  • providing services as notified body (NB No. 1380) and accredited certification body for product      certification.


Past Projects: