It solves analyzes and evaluations of the degree of the human organism activation  in stressful situations and the application of this knowledge to the decision-making process during the control of complex systems.

It is used for:

  • analysis of heart rate changes
  • measurement of eye and voice activity
  • subjective evaluation of the success performed activity by the instructor
  • self-assessment using a software application created in collaboration with psychologists

Analysis of physiological reactions and human ocular activity

Commercial measurement and testing of ergonomics and retail environment using a mobile eye camera “Eye tracking” in the human factor area

Outputs from “Eye tracking”:

  • Heat map (attention map)
  • Focus map (display of places the respondent saw)
  • Scan Path (depiction of the course of saccades and vision fixation)
  • Gridedd AOI s (statistical map according to the selected parameter)