Military Technical Institute is the provider of technical, military-technical, technical-organizational and technical-economic services, solutions, activities and processes associated with or related to the development of the capabilities of the Czech Army, armed security forces and integrated rescue system, including the civil sector in selected fields and technologies.

The state enterprise is focused on the construction of a stable and comprehensively technically oriented platform for the implementation and provision of services for the benefit of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, the Army of the Czech Republic, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire and Rescue Service and other security and rescue services. It is specialized for services in defense research areas and development, innovation, production of functional designs and prototypes, piece and small series production and testing.

  • Project management in the field of skills held
  • Training and advisory activities in the field of skills held
  • Processing of design, production and operational documentation
  • Elaboration of marketing studies and feasibility studies
  • Bzenec firing range
  • Aerial monitoring by unmanned Aerial vehicles
  • Training and education for our products
  • Engineering
  • Identification of endangered areas
  • Creation of spare parts catalogs
  • Standardization and Cataloging agency
  • Certified national authority
  • Tribology and diagnostics of military ground and aircraft technology
  • Repairs and modernization of military equipment, weapons, ammunition and equipment, civil aircraft and non-pilot vehicles
  • Commercial measurement and testing of ergonomics and retail environment using a mobile eye camera “Eye tracking” in the human factor
  • Implementation of accredited / non-accredited tests, testing, measurement, verification and validation, tests of weapons, ballistic protection, ammunition and ammunition packaging
  • Performance of activities of the National Authorities Institute to ensure the fulfilling STANAG standardization agreements and contact with the NATO member states national authorities
  • Professional representation of the Ministry of Defense in NATO and EU organisations