Tribodiagnostic laboratory is the workplace focused on the indirect diagnostics of the main friction nodes of aircraft technology through the analysis of oil samples or filter inserts. Routine diagnostics is performed by analysis of metal abrasion (atomic emission spectroscopy, ferrography, optical microscopy) or analysis of lubricants (viscosity, TAN, flash point, determination of water content, determination of the amount of mechanical impurities). In addition to routine analyzes, this laboratory also participates in specialized analyzes in investigation of air accidents or analyzes of atypical contaminants of operating materials or analyzes of the so-called unknown sample. For non-standard analyzes, the laboratory uses experience with infrared spectroscopy in the field of lubricants, owns internal and commercial libraries of spectra and an FTIR spectrometer Nikolet 380 modified with various ATR attachments.


Ing. Václav Ševčík Ph.D., phone: +420 910 105 276