Military Technical Institute provides and performs testing, verification and certification activities in development, production, purchase and operation of aircraft, air defense equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, combat and other equipment of the Army of the Czech Republic and the Military Police, including verification of performance and characteristics of ground equipment, reconnaissance systems of ground forces, ballistic protective equipment and materials, weapons and ammunition, aircraft in boundary conditions of flight, activities of aircraft and helicopters, weapons systems, crew rescue systems and parachute technology, verification of operation capability and accuracy of air defense equipment, radio, radionavigation and radar security of air traffic.

VTÚ performs the function of the certification authority and holds an authorization to exercise state authority in the areas of its competence. It includes specific areas of STANAG, starting with the B10 group of weapons, through the B23 group of hovercraft, motor vehicles, trailers and B42 fire-fighting, rescue and safety equipment, ending with the B91 group of fuels, lubricants, oils and waxes.

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