Technical equipment of this testing laboratory is unique in the Czech Republic. There is no other entity capable of offering similar services. Thanks to this, the Military Technical Institute is the only entity in the Czech Republic authorized to perform certification of breathing apparatus for divers, dry and wet suits for divers and life jackets.

Testing laboratory owns authorization for assembly, repairs, revisions and tests of technical devices, registration number 459-PZ-R, Z, O, M-sk.B-a / 21.

    1. Testing Laboratory

Performs tests to assess the conformity of the following personal protective equipment

  • open circuit diving breathing apparatus
  • life-saving flotation devices with internal buoyancy material
  • diving buoyancy compensators
  • wet and dry diving suits

Also offers:

  • inspection of compressed air breathing apparatus with open circuit
  • filling pressure vessels with air with pure air
  • simulated descents of divers to a depth of 60 m in the dry and wet part of the hydraulic simulator HS-60 (with the possibility of video recording)
  • free descents of divers to a depth of 7 m in the diving tower
  • testing of resistance of devices and equipment against pressure up to 0.6 MPa in air and water

2. Equipment

Testing room is equipped with, among other things

  • equipment for simulating dives up to a depth of 60 meters
  • artificial lungs for testing breathing apparatus for divers
  • tower – 7 m for training divers

2.1. Diving tower

  • depth 7 m
  • ladder to the bottom of the diving tower
  • the bottom is equipped with a plastic grate and backlight
  • water temperature 20 (± 5 °C)

2.2. Hydraulic simulator HS 60

  • depth simulation from 2 meters to 60 meters
  • in the simulated depth stay under water or above the surface
  • capacity 5 people per descent
  • water temperature 20 (± 5 °C)

2.3. Swimming pool

  • dimensions 5 m x 2.9 m, depth 2 m
  • side ladder
  • water temperature 20 (± 5 °C)

2.4. Filling pressure vessels for transport gas (diving pressure cylinders) with air

  • clean air according to ČSN EN 12021
  • filling up to a pressure of 300 bar

2.5. Measurement of parameters of open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus (breathing apparatus for divers)

  • measurement according to ČSN EN 250
  • measured values in numerical and graphical record

2.6. Testing the resistance of devices and equipment against pressure up to 0.6 MPa in air and water

  • resistance especially of diving equipment (diving devices, cases)

Contact: Ing. Milan Bezděk, phone: +420 910 105 580

Diving equipment test room – catalog

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