EMC testing laboratory was founded in 1993 with the high-tech equipment available and experienced employees. Within the CZ this testing laboratory is a leading working place fully comparable with the highly developed foreign laboratories. It provides both accredited and non-accredited testing in the EMC area (interference – EMI and susceptibility -EMS) for the needs of the Czech Army and also civil sector.

EMC testing laboratory consists of several workplaces:

  • Electromagnetic radiation laboratory (EMI)
  • Electromagnetic endurance laboratory (EMS)
  • Equipment technical testing laboratory; (automotive pulses, EHK 48, AKB, auto-electrics, lighting ..)
  • Workplace of power electromagnetic pulses UWB, NEMP
  • Climatic laboratory

Contact: Ing. Petr Kupka, phone: +420 910 105 610

EMC test room

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