The Research and Testing Center 031 was established in 1957 for the needs of the army, which also included a group of test paratroopers with a workplace at Kbely Airport. The need to verify parachutes was related to the start of production of Czechoslovak pilot, airborne and sports parachutes in the Kras Chornice parachute factory. Lieutenant colonel Miroslav Bílek was assigned to lead a group of test paratroopers. In 1969, the Department of Rescue Equipment and Parachute Technology became the State Testing Laboratory No. 228, which was abolished in 1980. In 1999, the current Testing Laboratory ZL 1220 was established in the field of aviation technology with the accreditation of ČIA and the head colonel PaeDr. Kubala. In 2003 the Rescue Parachute Testing Laboratory was established for the needs of the civil sector, supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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