Testing laboratory is focused on performing electrical safety tests on low voltage electrical equipment. In addition, it performs verification of power parameters and output electricity parameters on electrical source sets. The testing laboratory is also able to perform tests according to the RED directive (2014/35 / EU) in terms of LVD.

Testing laboratory is equipped with modern devices, jigs and uses standardized procedures when performing tests. During all performed tests, the presence of the test client is allowed upon agreement. Test engineers are always fully available to you during the tests.

Our main goal is to constantly improve the quality of our services, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of satisfied customers.

Performs tests:

  • audio / video equipment, information and communication technology (EN 62368-1 and EN 60950-1)
  • automatic controls for household and similar purposes (EN 60730)
  • electrical measuring, control and laboratory equipment (EN 61010-1)
  • low voltage switchboards (EN 61439)
  • charging stations for electric vehicles (EN 61851)
  • electrical equipment of machines (EN 60204)
  • transformers, power supplies and similar products (EN 61558)
  • luminaires and control devices (EN 60598, EN 61347)
  • household appliances including gaming and amusement machines (EN 60335)
  • railway equipment (EN 50155)
  • measuring relays and protection devices (EN 60255)
  • boxes and complete covers (EN 60670)
  • degrees of protection by cover (protection IP code) up to degree IP68 (EN 60529) – IPX8 up to a depth of 60m
  • degrees of protection by cover (IK code) against mechanical impacts (EN 50102, EN 62262)
  • source sets

Tests according to specific customer requirements:

  • measurement of voltage up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC and electricity up to 3000 A
  • insulation resistance tests
  • electrical strength tests
  • measurement of contact electricity and electricity through protective conductor
  • measurement of air distances / surface paths
  • tests of the protective connection to the ground
  • tests with impulse voltage 1.2 / 50 µs and 10/700 µs
  • measurement of warming, accessible surface temperatures
  • thermal imaging camera measurement
  • tests under single failure conditions
  • tests of mechanical stability, mechanical strength and arrangement
  • mechanical resistance tests (IK-code)
  • coverage tests (IP code)
  • ball indentation tests
  • hot loop tests
  • documentation checks, information and marking (durability of type labels)
  • climatic tests in chambers in the range of -80 to +180 ° C with humidity up to 95% Rh and others

Contact: Ing. Milan Bezděk, phone: +420 910 105 580

Eletrical safety test room – catalog

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