Research, development and innovation move us forward

Military Technical Institute fully uses of its potential and applies the latest scientific knowledge through research, development, innovation, testing and production. Research and development occupies a priority and important position within the activities of the state enterprise.

We implement projects for both domestic and foreign customers. During our existence we have gained professional prestige and play an unmistakable role in the security and safety environment.

Military Technical Institute owns unique research institutes used for research of the operational use of troops, new weapon systems, C4ISTAR systems, ammunition, armaments and equipment of the air and ground forces, also institutes for applied research method of biomedical engineering in monitoring physiological reactions and ocular activity to stress in the human-machine system.

In terms of personnel strategy, research and development employees form the largest group of all employees of the company, namely about 60% of the total number of 350 employees.

Main Research, Development and Innovation areas

  • Air traffic control technology
  • Unmanned systems
  • Advanced data information systems
  • Analysis of physiological reactions and human ocular activity
  • Ground and special military equipment and their systems
  • Logistic support of ground military equipment and systems
  • Mobile logistics and medical devices
  • Training aids and simulation technologies
  • Multispectral optoelectronic sensors and their applications in the military
  • Reconnaissance-firing systems
  • Ammunition and weapons systems