BRUS – Unmanned Aerial Universal System

  • Easy-to-use system
  • Flight according to joystick directions, clicking on map or according to the program
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • Return to press the button
  • Upgrade SW and HW possibility
  • Long endurance
  • Low noise
  • Reliability (6 drives and rescue parachute)
  • High weather resistance
  • Variable installation of user equipment (payload)



  • Two cameras on stabilized hinge (daytime HD and IR SD)


  • Radiation sensor DRONES G (etc.)
  • 3-axis camera system
  • Payload pod for mass up to 3 kg (BRUS) or 8 kg (BRUS H)


Easy-to-use and reliable system

  • Command control by thumb joystick or by clicking on the touch screen
  • Possibility to pre-program the flight path and change it at any time
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • Automatic take-off and landing


BRUS is the ideal means for some air activities in cases where it is not possible or economically disadvantageous to use conventional aviation technology. Here are some examples:

  • Documentation of accidents, fires and natural disastersInspection of power lines: high voltage, gas pipelines, heat …
  • Inspection of power lines: high voltage, gas pipelines, heat …
  • Air pollution control, environmental control
  • Check for heat leakage from buildings
  • Filming aerial scenes, shooting
  • Checking the state of agricultural crops
  • Forestry
  • Collecting information for the police, the army, and the state administration


For easy transport and handling, the system was designed as folding without using tools. In a folded state, the dimensions of the device are 60×70×90 [cm] and it also fits into a regular car trunk along with a control panel.

CharacteristicsBRUSBRUS H
Diameter120 cm120 cm
Height50 cm50 cm
Propeller (ø)28“30“
Number of propellers6 ks6 ks
ConstructionC-F kompozitC-F kompozit
Power unitBLDC electric motors, 6×BLDC electric motors, 6×
TOW8,7 kg11 kg
MTOW12 kg30 kg
Maximal load capacity3 kg8 kg
Maximal speed60 km/h70 km/h
Maximal endurance80 min110 min
Standard endurance50 min (depending on load, wind and battery)50 min (depending on load, wind and battery)
Wind resistance
Additional propertyDust, snow and rain resistant systemDust, snow and rain resistant system
Product catalog BRUS

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