Security and monitoring system

Security and monitoring system SOM is a rigorously modular system featuring open architecture enabling incorporation into superior level systems according to the customer configuration. The system comprises multispectral guarding sensors, control devices and data communication equipment. These specific system sets completed with logistic support equipment may be integrated into various types of vehicles as specified by the customer.


The complete system is designed to guard objects of interest and to monitor areas of interest as part of fulfilling the Military Police assignments. The major purpose is the long-range areal guard of an area utilizing the integrated technical equipment; it is also applied for near guard of points of interest and intruders detection. The system is intended for deployment in the Czech Republic as well as during foreign missions of the Czech Army.

System Configuration

Type:SOM 1integration to LR 110 vehicle
SOM 2integration to LR 130 vehicle
SOM 3integration to T815 4×4 vehicle
SOM 4portable system
Control HW:central consoledisplay, keyboard, positioner DVR recorder GPS radio station user SW
operator’s terminalrugged PC integrated in the case user SW
Sensors:sensor unitcolour TV camera monochromatic TV camera IR camera laser rangefinder GPS
Near Range Surveillance Warning SystemPIR sensors IR barriers
Short Range Surveillance Warning SystemPTZ camera blocs of monochromatic TV cameras IR reflector
Transmission:cablesmetallic optical
wirelessanalogue digital
Power pack:accumulator batterygel, Li-pol
power generatorcompression ignition engine
Product catalog SOM

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