Portable assembly for artillery observer

STERNA-V is portable assembly for targets acquisition and for data securing needed for fire control. It consists of north pointed gyroscope STERNA-TNF, optical device Leica Vector 21 Nite to define target distance and tripod. Own position necessary to the target position defining could be entered manually or gained from GPS receiver.


STERNA-V is determined for target detection, reconnaissance, identification and complex acquisition during artillery reconnaissance in frame of effective and fast firing support and military forces protection in combat area. It is possible to use STERNA-V both autonomously in frame of BMS (BVIS) and in frame of superior assembly (LOV-Pz, LOS-M, Sněžka-M). STERNA-V enables automated calculation of target coordinates or detonation and data transfer (target coordinates, target description including) to the superior level.

Main Tactical-technical parameters

STERNA TNF + VECTOR 21 NiteHorizontal sensor range6 400 mil, unlimited
Vertical sensor range+700 to -700 mil
Laser rangefinder safety class1
Laser range5500 m (target – TANK)
Orientation accuracy
Accuracy, horizontal angle (1s)± 1 mil
Accuracy, vertical angle (1s)± 3 mil
Geographical north determination, fast/accurate96s/120s
Power supply:4x CR123A or external battery
Data terminalTypeiX104C5DMSR
ProcessorIntel Core i7
TouchscreenTFT 10“ XGA
SSD disk80 GB
Operational systemWindows 7
GPS receiverTypeDAGR AN/PSN-13A
External batteryTypeBT-70791BK
Voltage28,8 V
Capacity7,5 Ah
Product catalog STERNA

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