Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle

The „LOV-ISR“ Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle featuring the reconnaissance mission kit is based on the IVECO M65E 19 WM 4×4 vehicle concept with light-armoured cabin. The LOV-ISR system is equipped with a special mission kit integrating the BAA II system that is connected to the C4ISR architecture.


The LOV-ISR Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle featuring the reconnaissance mission kit has been developed as part of the combined arms system serving as a reconnaissance mean to support the armed forces deployed during foreign missions. The vehicle is expected to be deployed mainly at exposed battlefield areas with the aim to acquire enemy information especially under the asymmetric warfare conditions.

Main TTD

BAA II Surveillance and Reconnaissance SystemMast lifting height1320 mm
Pan&Tilt in azimuthn x 360°
Pan&Tilt in elevation-30°/+ 70°
CCD TV camera – Wide FOV17,5° x 13,1°
CCD TV camera – Mild FOV8° x 6°
CCD TV camera – Narrow FOV2° x 1,5°
CCD TV camera – Super Narrow FOV1,25° x 0,95°
Cooled IR camera – spectral area3 μm – 5 μm
IR camera – Wide FOV16° x 12,8°
IR camera – Mild FOV8° x 6,4°
IR camera – Narrow FOV2° x 1,6°
IR camera – Super Narrow FOV1° x 0,8°
Image fusion FOV14,6° x 11,7°
Laser Rangefinder – range of measurement50 to 20 000 m
Laser Rangefinder – wavelength1572 nm
Range of Laser Rangefinder5,3 km
Range of Laser Illuminator2 km
Power SystemAdd-on Li-pol accumulator batteries240 Ah
External Communication SystemHarris RF-117 G radio station1 unit
MPU-5 radio station1 unit
SATCOM1 unit
Internal Communication SystemVICM 200 system4 unit
Navigation SystemDAGR AN/PSN-13A GPS receiver1 unit
TALIN 2000 INU1 unit
JammersSTARLIGHT 3-M11 unit
Detection SystemsGSD Fire Detection System1 unit
SDIO Laser Warning System1 unit
UAV Video ReceiverRover 6i1 unit
Product catalog LOV-ISR

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