Container Workstation of Central Protection

KPCO is a work station integrating multispectral guarding equipment, control devices and data communication equipment into the ballistic resistant armoured container. The ballistic resistant armoured container incorporates work stations for each operator creating a suitable environment for their effective and long-term operation at field conditions as well as predispositions for operation and protection of operators during potential combat action, including protection against NBC. KPCO is a mobile system providing safeguarding and monitoring during day and at night conditions transportable by air or by special transportation vehicles to the base of deployment.


KPCO is mainly intended to ensure safeguarding of bases for foreign missions deployment with the increased level of safety risk. Except at foreign missions the system may also be applied to protect any type of object or area in the Czech Republic or to accomplish missions during emergency situations.

System Configuration

Command and control work station:ballistic resistant containerexternal length max. 6130 mm external width max. 2505 mm external height max. 2625 mm weight max. 12000 kg
Sensors:sensor unitcolour TV camera monochromatic TV camera infrared camera laser rangefinder GPS
close range warning systemPIR sensors IR barriers
short range warning systemPTZ camera monochromatic TV cameras blocks IR reflector
medium range warning systemcolour TV camera radar
set of close range warning sensorsIP cameras PTZ cameras
RSSpassive IR barriers dual detectors – combination of infrapassive and microwave detection detection cables – pressure and vibrations
Transmission:cablesmetallic optical
Power supply assembly:storage battery cellsgel, Li-pol
electric central unitCI engine
Product catalog KPCO

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