Monochromatic TV cameras


FALCON range monochromatic TV cameras are intended for terrain reconnaissance and target acquisition during day and at twilight. Rugged design providing high mechanical resistance against shock and vibrations allows their installation to weapon systems as sighting cameras for mounted weapons. The camera includes an image module featuring high resolution capability and increased light sensitivity. Upon customer request the cameras including lens with focal distance of 135 mm, 200 mm or 400 mm may be delivered. The cameras are equipped with both automatic and manual motor-operated focus. Digital zoom is also available. Automatic electronic shutter, automatic gain control, gamma corrections, binning and the advanced image post-processing (work with dynamic range, brightness and contrast adjustment, highlighting edges in image) provided in real time ensure high quality display under wide range of light conditions. Hermetic case includes removable drying insert indicating level of moisture inside the camera case. Image information output and camera functions control are managed vie GigE Vision interface. Automatic focus control and image postprocessing are managed via SW module delivered by the TV camera producer.

Main TTD

Image sensor2/3“ CCD2/3“ CCD2/3“ CCD
Image size1936 x 1456 (4:3) at 25 fps1936 x 1456 (4:3) at 25 fps1936 x 1456 (4:3) at 25 fps
FOV3,7° x 2,8° (1936 x 1456)
1,5° x 1,1° (768 x 576)
2,5° x 1,9° (1936 x 1456)
1,0° x 0,8° (768 x 576)
1,3° x 1,0° (1936 x 1456)
0,5° x 0,4° (768 x 576)
Horizontal resolution1456 L/PH1456 L/PH1456 L/PH
Spectral area400 to 1000 nm400 to 1000 nm400 to 1000 nm
Total sensitivity (50%, 1/25 s, 1936 x 1456)0,5 lx0,5 lx1,5 lx
Video output / controlGigE VisionGigE VisionGigE Vision
Supply voltage12 V DC12 V DC12 V DC
Max. power take-off700 mA700 mA700 mA
Operating temperatures-32°C to +55°C-32°C to +55°C-32°C to +55°C
Dimensions (l x h x w)240 x 90 x 85 mm270 x 90 x 85 mm370 x 90 x 90 mm
Weightmax 2.5 kgmax 2.5 kgmax 2.5 kg

Rated static range to target type TANK (2.3 m x 2.3 m)
Narrow FOV
50% probability
Ideal light conditions
30% contrast of target against background
15 km meteorological visibility

Detection10,0 km11,0 km12,0 km
Recognition7,2 km8,0 km9,0 km
Identification4,2 km6,0 km7,2 km
Product catalog FALCON

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