12.7 mm Weapon Station

ZSRD 08 Weapon Station is designed to be equipped with the 12.7 mm machine gun or the 30 mm grenade launcher mount. ZSRD 08 frame is based on the U-type manipulator with integrated weapon mount including sensor container comprising surveillance TV camera, aiming TV camera, IR camera and laser rangefinder. ZSRD 08 weapon station enables interchange of two types of machine guns for both types of the 12.7 mm rounds (“eastern” and “western”) at field conditions. Derived alternative of the weapon station is the 30 mm automatic grenade launcher variant.


ZSRD 08 is a light remotely controlled weapon system designed to be integrated to wheeled or tracked vehicles, especially to light wheeled armoured vehicles. Weapon station is armed with the 12.7 mm machine gun or the 30 mm grenade launcher to ensure self-protection of the vehicle at battlefield and fire support to the crew on-board, or to a small airborne group. Weapon station manipulator is adjusted to be fitted with six smoke grenade launchers and the laser warning system (optional). ZSRD 08 is equipped with the sensor system providing the targeting at day and night and under adverse weather conditions.

Main TTD

Combat weightExternal mount NSVT(incl. MG with ammo) – 255 kg External mount AGS-17 ( incl. MG with ammo ) – 231 kg 81 mm SGL (incl. SG DGO-3) – 30.5 kg Operator’s station – 19.5 kg
Weapon system12.7 mm NSVT (NSWT) machine gun 12.7 mm WKM-B machine gun 30 mm AGS-17 smoke grenade launcher
Ammo at armed positionNSVT machine gun – 200 rounds AGS-17 smoke grenade launcher – 40 SG or optionally 80 SG
Range of aimed fireMG NSVT – 2000 m AGS-17 – 1700 m
StabilizationIn both axes, RMS up to 1.5 mrad
SGLDerived type 81 mm VZ-902
Number of SGL6 SGL
Ammunition (type SG)81 mm DGO-3
SG camouflagemin. 30 s
Laser detection360° – optional
Sensors1 x surveillance TV camera, colour CCD, 36 x zoom 1 x aiming TV camera, monochromatic CCD, focus 75 mm 1 x IR, uncooled 1 x laser rangefinder – optional
Integrated operator’s workstation12“ TFT display, resolution 1024 x 768 CPU architecture x64 Control panel with 2 joysticks
Range of elevation-15° to + 70°
Range of traversen x 360°
Operating temperature-32°C to + 44°C
Storage temperature:-33°C to + 63°C

Product catalog ZSRD 08

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