MMSB 01 Mobile Monitoring System in a Box


„The „MMSB 01 Mobile Monitoring System in a Box“ installed to vehicle roof has been designed to guard objects of interest and to monitor areas of interest. The main subsystem is the sensor unit comprising optical-electronic sensors operating both at visible and also at far IR spectrum. Colour TV camera provides operation at visible spectrum functioning as a day image sensor. Thermal camera with uncooled detector ensures night observation and detection of camouflaged objects during day. Both cameras /including GPS module/ are located at the direction positioner retractable from the roof autobox through motor operated lifting mechanism. System computer technology includes a 17.3” laptop with user SW installed. User SW is capable of various functions such as lifting mechanism control, monitoring and automatic surveillance of area of interest, creation of panorama, image saving, video recording, map operation, etc. Operating temperatures are ranging between -32° and +50 °C.


Roof Autobox
Dimensions (l, w, h)1 470 × 960 × 420 mm
Mass (total, excl. cross bars)70 kg
Sensor unit retraction/extension time35 s
Height of sensor unit extension above autobox50 cm
Day TV camera
Image sensorcolour CMOS
Image size1 920 × 1 080
Zoom optical / digital30× / 12×
FOV59,3° × 46,0° to 2,2° × 1,6°
Rated static range to target type PERSON (1.8 m × 0.5 m) – narrow FOV, 20 km meteorological visibility, 30% contrast of target against background, 50% resolution probability: – Detection / recognition / identification6,5 km / 3,0 km / 2,0 km
Thermal camera
Detectoruncooled VOx microbolometer
Detector resolution640 × 512 (17 m)
Spectral band8 to 14 m
Optical zoomcontinuous
FOV24.5° × 18.5° to 4.2° × 3.1°
Rated static range to target type PERSON (1.8 m × 0.5 m) – narrow FOV: – Detection / recognition / identification4,0 km / 1,5 km / 0,8 km
Operator’s terminal (laptop)
Display17,3″ LCD, touchscreen
Direction positioner
Range of azimuth / elevationn × 360° / -30° to +30°
Product catalog MMSB 01

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