Artillery reconnaissance assembly

Artillery reconnaissance assembly „LOS-M“ is a modification of an artillery reconnaissance assembly “LOS”. Special functional structure, enabling fulfilment of all required functions of artillery reconnaissance assembly, was implemented onto the BVP-1 engine platform.


Artillery reconnaissance assembly „LOS -M“ is integral part of artillery battalion firing control system and is designed for artillery battlefield reconnaissance and for data securing needed for firing when performing tasks of forces firing support. The assembly serves as a position for forward observer with
reconnaissance unit. It is supposed to be deployed especially in exposed battlefields, where ensures very good protection of crew and devices against grenade fragments, small weapons bullets and mass destruction weapons. Further, is possible to use assembly advantageously for forward
positions that have to be taken very fast or that would otherwise be very difficult to access for artillery forward observer and finally to important civil and military areas and objects guarding.

Hlavní TTP

Dimensions:Length6 735 mm
Width2 940 mm
Height2 068 mm
Mass:Total mass13 000 kg
External communication
Hand radiostation Harris RF7800M-HH1 pc
Vehicle radiostation RF 13251 pc
Compatible vehicle radiostation with AN PRC 117G1 pc
Navigation subsystem:GPS receiver DAGR AN/PSN-13A1 pc
Inertial navigation unit TALIN 30001 pc
Optical sensors target range,
type TANK:
Day camera detectionup to 13 km
Day camera reconnaissanceup to 5 km
Day camera identificationup to 2,5 km
IR camera detectionup to 9 km
IR camera reconnaissanceup to 3 km
IR camera identificationup to 2 km
Laser rangefinder rangeup to 20 km
Alternative Reconnaissance Kit
Leica Vector 21 Nite1 pc
GonioLight V or STERNA V1 pc
Data terminal IX104C5DMSR1 pc
GPS receiver DAGR AN/PSN-13A1 pc
Tripod1 pc
Backpack TL 98 S UV VZ 95 VTUVM1 pc
Product catalog LOS – M

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