The “Klimabox – S” is a filtering and ventilating device, which is a part of a system for ensuring the required microclimate for staying the persons in a closed area. This microclimate is kept by an internal circulation with thermal air modification (heating / cooling) and by creating the overpressure. The overpressure is created by the air delivery through individual filtering boxes (blocks). The air is distributed into the protected area through cyclone cleaner, combat filter box and auxiliary filters box. After the dust particles and combat substances filtering, the air is thermally modified in the thermal unit block, according to the requirements of the crew in the protected area. The device is able to ensure the air delivery for 10 persons and, at the same time, to maintain the constant overpressure of 300 Pa in the protected area.

The device is suitable for sealed objects with leakage up to 3.5 cm2 , but it ensures the sufficient overpressure in cease of leakage up to 19 cm2 .


  • filtroventilation unit;
  • thermal unit;
  • control box;
  • vent valves.


Dimensions1000 × 610 × 892 mm
Nominal air supply200 m3·h-1
Air overpressure in the crew compartment300 Pa ± 10 %
Nominal voltage/current24 V DC/7A
Climatic resistance-32 °C to +50 °C
Weight85 kg

Electromagnetic radiation: ČOS 599902:2007, 2nd edition (MILSTD 461E:1999) RE 102, CE 102.

Electromagnetic resistance: ČOS 599902:2007, 2nd edition (MILSTD 461E:1999) method RS103, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116; AECTP 500: 2000 method 511.

Product catalog KLIMABOX-S

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