9 mm NATO AP Round

The 9 mm NATO armour-piercing round is designed especially to destroy human-sized living targets equipped with ballistic protection of an individual or sheltered unarmoured or light armoured vehicles. The armour-piercing effect is a result of armour-piercing core made of tungsten alloy delivering energy to an obstacle. The round complies with STANAG 4090 (9 mm Parabellum round). The 9 mm NATO AP round is suitable for Luger type weapons, eg. CZ 75, Glock 17, Beretta 92F pistols or HK MP5 sub-machine gun.

Technical Specifications

Caliber.9 mm
Type of projectileArmour-piercing
Mass of projectile7,1 g
Mass of round11,4 g
Velocity V7,5420 m.s-1 (barell 200 mm)
Max. pressure pmax285 MPa (piezo)
AP effect4,2mm Armox 500 (10m)
Rounds per box50 rounds
Rounds per transport hermetical container (M2A1)1600 rounds
Product catalog 9 mm NATO AP Round

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