Ammunition for 60 mm mortars


The 60 mm mortar bombs of NATO standard are intended for fire from the 60 mm Ultralight Commando Mortar ANTOS and from 60 mm mortar ANTOS-LR. The following mortar bombs are manufactured for 60 mm mortars:

  • 60 mm HEF
  • 60 mm HEI
  • 60 mm SMK
  • 60 mm ILL
  • 60 mm ILL IR
  • 60 mm TRAIN (JUMP)

Mortar bombs are delivered to the customer with filled both primary and additional charges and it is stored in water-proof plastic case. Mortar bombs are packed in a wooden case, each case contains 10 pieces of mortar bombs.

60mm HEF a HEI

Bomb body is filled with TNT explosive for the HEF bomb (standard high-explosive) or with HTX blasting explosive with thermo-baric effects for the HEI. All these bombs are equipped with the nose fuse PDSQ according to NATO standards.

Characteristics60-HEF 60-HEI
Mass of mortar bomb (g)1420±201420±20
Mass of explosive (g)214±2268±2
Detonation velocity (m.s-1)68507020
Detonation pressure (GPa)19.221.1.
Effective fragments over 0,5 g>350>350
Lethal radius (2 effective fragments per m2)8.511.8
Overpressure at 3 m distance (kPa)5071
TNT equivalence in pressure (%)100141 – 174
TNT equivalence in pulse (%)100157 – 170
Distance to reach equivalent pulse1.001.27 – 1.66
UN Number03210321
Classification Code1.2 E1.2 E
Weight of packing box with 10 pieces of bomb (kg)20±120±1

60mm ILL a ILL-IR

60 mm ILL flare emitted light in visible part of spectrum. Light emission of the ILL-IR bomb flare is suppressed in visible part of spectrum and its maximum light emission is in the area of 800 to 900nm.

Mortar bomb mass1,15 kg ± 0,02 kg
Mortar bomb mass0,15 kg ± 0,02 kg
Mortar bomb length267 mm ± 3 mm
Flare luminous intensity (ILL)min. 100.000 Cd
Flare luminous intensity (ILL-IR)min. 52 W. sr-1
Period of flare ejection from bomb ignition7,5 s ± 1,2 s
Illumination timemin. 20 s
Height of flare ejectionmin. 200 m
UN Number0254
Classification Code1.3G
Mass of container incl. 10 mortar bombs20 kg ± 1 kg

60mm SMK

60 mm mortar bomb SMK (SMOKE) is determined for marking of location on terrain (enemy position, object of interest) in distance under mortar range via smoke cloud created by mortar bomb explosion. Construction is based on 60 mm HEF/HEI mortar bombs but instead explosive composition contents smoke made one based on red phosphorus.

Mortar bomb mass1,42 kg ± 0,02 kg
Smoke made composition mass200 g ± 15 g
Mortar bomb length293 mm ± 3 mm
Time of smoke cloud duration (windless conditions)min. 15 s
UN Number0015
Classification Code1.2G
Mass of container incl. 10 mortar bombs20 kg ± 1 kg


60 mm training mortar bomb JUMP (TRAIN) is determined for initial training of mortar gunners especially for weapon and ammunition preparation before firing, loading, aiming and shooting practise. Mortar bomb JUMP is inert and has rubber fuse mock-up. 60 mm mortar bomb JUMP is reusable. Bomb is ejected from mortar barrel by means of 9 mm TEMPO 6 ANTOS cartridge inserted into ammunition chamber of stabilizer carrier after bomb fin stabilizer unscrewing. After shooting the bomb shall be cleaned, fin stabilizer shall be unscrewed and spent cartridge shall be removed by tongs or screwdriver. The shooting can be repeated after new cartridge inserting.

Mortar bomb average mass1290 g ± 30 g
Mortar bomb length285 mm ± 3 mm
Range of fire from mortar ANTOS (65° elevation)12 m
Range of fire from mortar ANTOS-LR (65° elevation)5 m
Rejected cartridge (is not part of 60 mm JUMP)9 mm TEMPO 6 ANTOS
Mass of container incl. 10 mortar bombs20 kg ± 1 kg
Product catalog MORTAR BOMBS

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