The mobile workshop for repairs of wheeled vehicles (ASkDK) is intended for level 1 and 2 repairs and common maintenance of the following wheeled vehicles:

  • T815 type line cars;
  • Land Rover cars;
  • New KOV wheeled armoured vehicles (after starting their use by the CZ Army);
  • New ATS middle off-road cars (after starting their use by the CZ Army);
  • New AOT passenger off-road cars (after starting their use by the CZ Army);
  • V3S and UAZ-469 cars.


The ASkD-K workshop, with its basic and special equipment, enables the following special activities

a) With the basic equipment:

  • Locksmith’s hand and small machine works linked with the common wheeled vehicle repairs (boring, grinding etc.);
  • Welding and cutting by the electrical arc in the protective atmosphere;
  • Welding and cutting by the flame, hard soldering;
  • Soft soldering, bonding and binding;
  • Cleaning the disassembled parts and sub-groups.

b) With the special equipment:

  • Maintenance, diagnostics, adjusting, repair or replacement of the following groups and sub-groups:
  • Motor, fuel, lubricating, cooling and starting system;
  • Gear mechanism and its control device;
  • Brake system, hydraulic and air control inclusive the central tire pumping and swimming device;
  • Electrical system inclusive the measuring and control devices;
  • Preventive maintenance of the vehicles within the scope of the level 1 and 2 repairs;
  • Manipulation with the groups and sub-groups up to the weight of 1 500 kg;
  • Lubricating of the groups and sub-groups of the wheeled vehicles, inspection and replacement of the operating fillings;
  • Maintenance and charging of the lead accumulators;
  • Tyres dismounting and mounting;
  • Electrical emergency starting the motors and feeding the electrical net of the repaired vehicles;
  • Simple chassis repairs, inclusive the sandwich chassis.
Product catalog ASkD-K

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