60 mm Mortar Bomb EBX type

The EBX type enhanced blast explosive is applied in the ammunition for special units, namely the 60 mm High Explosive Incendiary (60-HEI) mortar bomb for the 60 mm ultra light commando mortar ANTOS that is introduced in the Czech Army. Both the mortar and mortar bombs are produced at VOP- 026 Sternberk, s.p., VTUVM Slavicin Division. The performance efficiency of 60-HEI bomb filling is obvious especially in comparison with performance efficiency of standard High Explosive Fragmentation mortar bomb 60-HEF filled with pressed TNT charge. Both mortar bombs have identical weight and ballistics.

Explosive typeTNTEBX type (+ titanium foil)
Explosive weight212265 (+8)
Loading density1.60 g.cm-32.03 g.cm-3
Detonation velocity68507020
Detonation pressure19.2 GPa21.1 GPa
Vacuum stability at 120 oC ml.g.40h0.04 ml.g.40h-10.50 ml.g.40h-1
Impact sensitivity E50> 63,1 J> 16,8 J
Friction sensitivity F501/10 at 360 N1/10 at 360 N
Steel body weight849811
Effective fragments over 0,5 g> 350> 350
Weight fraction of fragments 0.5 g8085
Number of fragments 2-10 g> 65> 100
Weight fraction of fragments 2-10 g2644
Lethal radius (2 effective fragments per m2)8.5 m11.8 m 71 kPa
Overpressure at 3 m distance5071
TNT equivalence in pressure100141 – 174 %
TNT equivalence in pulse100157 – 170 %

The EBX type enhanced blast explosive charge enables to reach much higher end effect than TNT charge under appropriate chemical stability and sensitivity to outer stimuli (corresponding to hexogen/TNT compositions). With regard to the shock wave effect the explosion of one 60-HEI mortar bomb corresponds with concurrent impact of almost two TNT 60- HEF mortar bombs or one 81 mm TNT mortar bomb. The EBX type enhanced blast explosive charge also improved the fragmentation effect and increased number for fragments effective against vehicles (ranging between 2-10 g). At the same time the lethal radius of 60-HEI mortar bomb has increased by more than 3 metres. The incendiary and blinding effect of 60-HEI mortar bomb is incomparably higher too, creating a fire-ball with radius up to 8.5 m at the moment of explosion and keeping an extensive hot area for tens of milliseconds. The incendiary effect of 60-HEI mortar bomb is also enhanced by inserted titan plate that upon explosion tears itself to separate small burning strips that set up centres of the fire.

Product catalog Termobarická 60 mm minometná munice

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