60 mm ultralight commando mortar

ANTOS is an ultralight 60 mm commando mortar. Most parts are made of aluminium alloys, titanic alloys and plastics. It is design to comprise only the essential quantity of components that can be easily disassembled and maintained. The integrated liquid sight clearly displays the range of fire. Modular design allows production of different variants in term of features and accessories.


The 60 mm mortar ANTOS is intended for paratroops and special units. High trajectory, short time to take up firing position, high rate of fire, sufficient accuracy of fire and powerful fragmentation effect at the bomb impact predetermine the mortar for special operations, especially in rear of the enemy. Low mass and compactness ensure support during paratroops operations and provide easy mobility of a soldier in hard terrain and at shelters.

Main TTD

Mortar assemblies:Barrel
Base plate
Breech ring with safety and striking mechanism
Handgrip with trigger mechanism
Liquid sight
Carrier belt
Muzzle cap
Calibre (acc. to STANAG NATO):60,7 mm
Weapon length:905 mm
Barrel length:650 mm
Total weight of the weapon:4.9 – 5.3 kg per configuration
Elevation:45° – 85°
Minimum range (+21°C, 85°, primary charge 0):80 m
Maximum range (+21°C, 45°, full charge 1):1230 m
Maximum operating pressure:18 MPa
Firing mode:by gravity
by trigger
Operating temperatures:-30°C až +60°C
Product catalog ANTOS

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