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The mission of the Military Technical Institute, s.e., is to build a stable and universal technologically oriented platform in order to to fulfill the needs of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, Police of the Czech Republic, Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and other security agencies, as well as the Czech Republic's allies or commercial subjects.

Through its activities, MTI, s.e., maintains and further develops the Czech Republic’s strategic know-how in the area of defence and security research and development of armament, ammunition, ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft on-board equipment, radiotechnical equipment and aerodrome support equipment, simulators, communication systems and associated testing, verification and certification procedures. It is one of the largest institutions of its kind in the EU.

The precondition of high-quality services is a synergy in capabilities of all three branches of the MTI, which have a long-term tradition in supporting the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Defence, as well as other security agencies.