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The Military Technical Institute, s.e., is licensed to operate in these areas of trade:

  • Production, trade and services not listed in Annexes 1 to 3 of the Trades Licensing Act

  • Foundry, modeling

  • Machining

  • Locksmithery, toolmaking

  • Tinsmithing and bodywork repair

  • Production, installations, repairs of electrical machines and devices, electronic and telecommunication devices

  • Assembling, repair, inspection and testing of electrical devices

  • Research, development, production, destruction, disposal, processing, purchase and sales of explosives

  • Development, production, repairs, modifications, transport, purchase, sales, lending, storage, disposal and destruction of weapons and ammunition

  • Operation of shooting ranges and teaching and training for weapon shooting

  • Carpentry, flooring

  • Production of hazardous chemicals and hazardous chemical mixtures and sale of chemical substances and mixtures classified as very toxic and toxic

  • Production and processing of fuels and lubricants

  • Purchase and sale, lending, development, production, repairs, modifications, storage, transport, disposal and destruction of security material