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The Military Technical Institute, s.e., is licensed to operate in these areas of trade:

Trade License no.1
  • Production, development, design, tests, installations, maintenance, modifications and structural changes of aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, aircraft parts and devices and ground aviation engineering
  • Production of vehicles, trailers and vehicle chassis
  • Maintenance of ground vehicles and their accessories
  • Testing, measuring, analysis and inspections
Trade License no.7
  • Repairs of other vehicles and work machines
Trade License no.9
  • Repairs of ground vehicles
Trade License no.10
  • Production, installations, repairs of electrical machines and devices, electronic and telecommunication devices
Trade License no.12
  • Purchase and sales, loans, production, repairs, modifications, retention, storing, transport, delaboration and destruction of security material
Trade License no.13
  • Research, development, production, destruction, disposal, processing, purchase and sales of explosives
Trade License no.14
  • Development, production, repairs, modifications, transport,porchase, sales, loans, retention, disposal and destruction of weapons and ammunition
Trade License no.15
  • Operation of shooting ranges, instruction and training of shooting