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Special Workplace

Mobile brigade-type hydro meteorological station BLESK

The mobile hydro meteorological station, stationed on two SCAM vehicles and two PM 35 trailers, is intended for securing of troops by military – hydro meteorological data for assessing the interest area. 


Geographic operations mobile working place GeMoZ-C

GeMoZ-C is mobile equipment intended for geographical support of unit that are developed in abroad missions.

Mobile field kitchen POKA 4

POKA 4 is intended for preparation, regeneration and distribution of the high-quality warm food on the level unit during the troops activity in the field conditions.

Geographic operations brigade mobile set SGEOB

SGEOB is mobile equipment intended for informational support of the troops by military-geographical data for assessing the service area.

Universal mobile packing line UMBL

UMBL is intended for disassembly of particular military and civil materials from ISO containers and from pallets, and for assembly of supplying sets on nonreturnable pallets with standard dimensions, suitable for air transport.

ZZ EC 4 kW CZ Lifting device

Lifting device EC 4 kW (ZZ-EC 4 kW) is intended for the manipulation with EC 4 kW, which means for its unloading, launching to the ground, reentry lifting, placing into the case and fixing.