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History of MTIGF

The history of MTIGF began in 1978 with foundation of the VÚ 010 budget organization. Main fields of work of the organization were e.g. ground vehicles, its chassis and particular special extensions; maintenance, evacuation and rescue equipment; combat engineering equipment; field power sources, power transfer and lighting systems and others.

In 1994, the VÚ 010 budget organization was transformed into the MTIGF Vyškov contribution organization. In 2003, it became a part of the VOP-026 Šternberk, s.e. Finally, in 2013, the MTIGF became a division of the newly founded Military Technical Institute, s.e.

During its existence, MTIGF developed a number of significant products, e.g. mobile extension units for equipment repairs and maintenance, mobile medical units (medical containers and tents, mobile hospital unit, POP-2 mobile infirmary unit, PHEL-2 mobile hygienic-epidemiological laboratory etc), mobile units for special service branches (OBLAK mobile hydrometeorological station, AL-2/R mobile field radiometric laboratory, MOP mobile repair unit for helicopter maintenance during deployments etc) and others.