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History of AFADMTI

History of AFADMTI starts with foundation of „Aviation Study Institute“ on May 1st, 1922.

From 1950s to 1980s, the Institute played a key role in preparations of licence manufacturing of the MiG fighter aircraft in the Czechoslovakia, in development and flight testing of the Aero L-29 trainer jet aircraft, in the development of the L-39 training system, etc. Furthermore, an extensive research activity took place regarding the area of UAVs, mobile air-to-ground communications ground stations, ground powering units etc.

After 1989, AFADMTI’s role remains significant as it secures the implementation of the IFF system to the aircraft and GBAD systems in the Czech military, the development of Sojka III TV/TVM UAV, or FAC’s combat vehicle (ALENA).

Originally a VÚ 030 budget organization, AFADMTI was transformed to a contribution organization founded by the Ministry of Defence. In 2002, AFADMTI was transformed to a state enterprise. In 2012, the Military Technical Institute, s.e., is founded, and on September 1st, 2012, AFADMTI becomes its branch.